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Calgonate HF Spill Kit (2-Bucket)

Regular price $595.00

Be ready for a hydrofluoric acid spill!

This kit includes personal protection gear for 2 people,
instructions, essential supplies and tools to clean up an HF spill
and dispose of the contaminated items.

The kit comes as 2 x 5-gallon buckets with re-sealable lids. (lids not as pictured.)
Bucket #1 contains --
1 - HF Spill Kit Reference Sheet
2 - Calgonate Gel, 25g tubes
2 - Sterile Eyewash (4oz btl)*
9 - HF Acid Neutralizer (1lb bottles w/ instructions)
1 - Roll of pH test paper (approx. 100 tests)
4 - Bags, 18”x 32” “Caution – Hazardous”

Bucket #2 contains --
2 - Half-Mask Respirator
2 - Organic vapor/acid gas Cartridge (2 pack)
2 - Splash Goggles – indirect vented
2 pair - Nitrile Gloves (lg)
2 pair - Haz-Mat Boot Covers
3 - Scrapers
2 - Scoop with brush
8 - Chemical Sorbant Pads
2 - Neoprene Apron

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